Ten-E Office Chair (Grey)

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Zenox's Ten-E Series is an elevated line of office chairs that offers enhanced features and added convenience. Features include:

  • Built-in Coat Hanger
  • Height and angle-adjustable headrest
  • Breathable and durable mesh material
  • Two-part backrest designed to support pressure points
  • Adjustable Seat-Slider
  • 4D armrests for adjustable positioning


    The built-in Coat Hanger provides added convenience for your every-day use. These help create a more organized seating environment.

    Ten-e Series' Full Height Recline-able Backrest*  can be reclined up to 120° and lock at different angles with one simple click under the armrest.

    Ten-e Series' Height & Angle -Adjustable Headrest gives users the optimal head & neck support regardless of their height.

    The Seat Slider can slide front and back suitable.
    for different users with different heights.


    Lightweight & Durable

    With its Full Aluminum Alloy Frame and Base Structure, Ten-e can withstand extended usage while remaining rust & corrosion-resistant.

    Using this highly recyclable material, Ten-e can have reduced environmental impact.

    Ergonomics Design

    By providing full back support, the backrests can help maintain a natural alignment of the spine, which can alleviate pressure and tension on the muscles.

    Unlike traditional chairs, which often have a fixed backrest, the separated backrests can be adjusted to match the curvature of the spine and provide customized support. This can help reduce discomfort and fatigue during prolonged sitting.

    Breathable & Customized Fit

    The curvature of mesh seating is designed to provide a better fit for our hip and help maintain a natural curve in the spine, which can improve comfort during prolonged sitting.

    The use of mesh material in the seat allows air to flow through the seat and can help regulate body temperature, it is also known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

    Customizable Arm Support

    The 4D armrests provide a high degree of customization, allowing users to adjust the armrests in 3 different directions: up and down, front and back, and left and right.

    The adjustability of the armrests allows users to adapt to different tasks and activities, it can be lowered under the desk to save space when not in use.

    Quiet and Smooth

    Designed with workspace in mind, the premium casters help you move your chair quietly and without disturbing others around you.

    The casters are made with soft and durable materials that are gentle on all types of flooring, including hardwood, tile, and carpet.

    Related Information

    The Ten-E Series' hardware (Frame, Armrests, Wheelbase, Gas Lift, Tilt Mechanism, cliner) are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1-Year from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. For the replacement of upholstery, please contact us for a price quote.

    We would either provide To-Door warranty service or Free parts delivery with instructions, depending on the warranty service required.

    View more information >

    We provide free delivery service to most areas within Hong Kong, with exception to remote and restricted areas.

    Shipping and delivery generally take 7 to 10 working days; but could take up to 21 working days during / right after promotional periods

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    The Ten-E Series is designed to be easily assembled, an instruction manual is included in the package. You can also follow our step-by-step instruction video.

    For a hassle-free option, the assembled-before-delivery service is available at $250HKD, please add it to cart before checkout, or contact us before it is delivered if you've missed it.

    Keep it Dry

    Vacuum any dirt off your chair. Remove remaining dirt with warm soap and water. If stains persist, gently dab the area with a spot cleaner. DO NOT rub or scrub.

    Keep it Clean
    Light stains can be removed with textile cleaner or a sponge damped in water or a mild soapy solution, remember to wipe it dry with a clean cloth afterwards.

    Avoid High Heat

    High temperature such as long exposure to direct sunlight would damage the the top coating of the mesh.

    Avoid Sharps Objects
    Although Scratch-resistant, sharps objects could still pierce and damage the mesh at certain point.


    Recommended for:

    Height: 160-185cm

    Weight: <110kg


    SKU: ZE-OC4188

    Warranty: 1-Year

    Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Upholstery: High Strength Mesh

    Headrest Pillow: Adjustable Pillow

    Lumbar Support Pillow: Independent Structure Lumbar

    Armrests: PU Coated

    Gas Lift: Class 4

    Wheelbase: Reinforced Nylon

    Wheels: PU Coated

    Colour Options: Black / Grey


    Width: 70cm

    Depth: 49cm

    Min. Height: 91cm

    Max. Height: 106cm

    Seat Width (Including Sides): 52cm

    Seat Width (Excluding Sides): 52cm

    Seat Depth: 43-49cm

    Armrest-to-Armrest: 66 cm

    Backrest Height: 56-61cm

    Backrest Width: 52cm

    Weight: 24.6kg

    Base Diameter: 70cm

    Package Info

    Package Size: 74cm x 69cm x 46cm
    Net Weight: 21.1 kg
    Gross Weight: 24.6 kg

    Package Content:

    1 x Installation Manual
    1 x Headrest Pillow
    1 x Lumbar Pillow
    1 x Backrest with Side Covers
    1 x Seat
    1 x Tilt Mechanism
    2 x Armrests
    1 x Wheelbase
    1 x Gas Lift with Cover
    5 x Wheels
    1 x Ten-E Series Assembly Tool Kit with Universal Tool