About Us


Modern Solution to a Modern Problem

Zenox was brought to life in 2016 by a handful of designers and engineers in Hong Kong. As a group of friends who devote majority of our leisure time playing video games side-by-side, we recognize the importance of a quality chair and desk to our health and comfort, but were dissatisfied by available options. Thus, we began our journey in designing THE chair and desk we have always needed, one that gives us maximum ergonomic support for long duration usage, with aesthetically pleasing design that matches our room (yes, we care about that too).

Carefree Purchase

Our aim is not only to offer top-quality products, but to also provide excellent service. We offer free shipping within Hong Kong; detailed assembly guide for our every products; with up to three year full package warranty; dedicated communication channel to answer your maintenance/delivery enquiries; You wouldn’t have to worry a single thing after the purchase.

Never settle for less

Since its conception, Zenox’s chairs and desks have rapidly gained popularity among Hong Kong gamers, professionals, and businesses. Zenox has introduced iterations of chairs and desks, and established its first retail store in 2017. We wouldn’t be where it is today without users sharing our vision of what a quality chair and desk should be. Moving forward, this monumental support encourages us to continually improve and actualize on our next design idea.  When it comes to Chairs and Desks, we strive to be the best of the best.

Gamers by Heart

Regardless of your favorite genre of games, we all love an exciting match.  The comradery among teammates; the rivalry between players, the unmatched discipline and talent one must possess in order to achieve greatness. The Esports scene brings out the engrossing passion within us, to compete for fame, fortune, and glory. Zenox proudly support Hong Kong’s Esports scene through players, teams, and tournaments sponsorships since the very beginning, helping aspiring Hong Kong Esports athletes in actualizing their dream in the world stage.  

We’re just getting started...