Assembly Guides 安裝指南

Video Guide 
Zenox Chairs and Desks are easy to be assembled on your own. Here we have step-by-step videos for each product to guide you through the process. If you encounter any problem during the process, feel free to contact us and our support team will be happy to help!

Zeus Gaming Desk宙斯遊戲桌:

Artemis Series Gaming Desk阿提密斯遊戲桌:

Spectre MKII Series 幽靈MKII系列:

Jupiter MKII Series 木星MKII系列:

Saturn MKII Series 土星MKII系列:

Mercury MKII Series水星MKII系列:

Jupiter Series木星系列:

Saturn/Mercury/Pluto Series土星/水星/冥王星系列:

Please refer to the videos below and follow the steps accordingly (some parts might be different from the actual items inside but the steps for assembling the chair is the same)

 Ten-E Series天依系列:


Shiho Series侍河系列:

Joza Series上座系列:

Zagen Series座元系列:

Please be reminded not to open or attempt to open the zipper of the seat cover of a racing chair.


Footstool for Racing Chair電競椅腳凳:

GT3 Simulator Rig with Bucket Seat GT3 職業級賽車架連座椅:

Zenox Adjustable Pedal Mount for GT3 Sim Rigs 可調節踏板支架 (Zenox GT3適用)


Assembly Manual PDF (Opens a new window):

Each of our product comes with a User Manual. It is available here to be downloaded as PDF.

  • Nebula Office Mesh Chai PDF
  • Spectre MKII & Jupiter MKII Series Racing Chair PDF
  • Saturn MKII Series Racing Chair PDF
  • Mercury MKII Series Racing Chair PDF
  • Spectre Series Racing Chair PDF
  • Jupiter Series Racing Chair Page 1 | Page 2
  • Saturn Series Racing Chair PDF
  • Pluto & Mercury Series Racing Chair PDF
  • Rookie Series Racing Chair PDF
  • Orion Gaming Desk PDF
  • Artemis Gaming Desk PDF
  • Office Desk Pro PDF PDF
  • Ares Gaming Desk PDF
  • Zeus Gaming Desk PDF
  • GT3 Simulator Rig PDF
  • GT3 V2 Simulator Rig PDF
  • CLUB Spec Simulator Rig PDF
  • Plica-X Simulator Rig PDF