Zenox Warranty Process 保養流程


WhatsApp: 8481 7841
   1. 產品型號;
   2. 問題描述;
   3. 顯示問題的照片/影片;
   4. 購買單據證明(需顯示售賣店鋪/購買日期)。


       3.如產品品質遠低於本公司之保證水平 ,則安排換貨。



      Zenox 產品保證期 按此


      Zenox Warranty Process 保養流程

      During the product warranty period, if you have any inquiries about the product, Please contact our after-sales department in the following ways:

      WhatsApp: 8481 7841

      Before contacting the after-sales department, you need to prepare the following information:

      1. Product model
      2. Problem description
      3. Photos/videos showing the problem
      4. Purchase receipt (must show the store/purchase date)

      The after-sales department will try to provide a simple solution first. If it is invalid, we will provide the following solutions, including but not limited to:

      1. Arrange special personnel to provide door-to-door maintenance services;
      2. Send replacement parts;
      3. If the product quality is far below the guarantee level, we will arrange a replacement.


      The above services are free of charge during the warranty period.

      *If the product has exceeded the warranty period, we can also provide the above services, please contact the after-sales department for details of the charges

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