Delivery Service


Delivery Service

    • We provide free delivery service within Hong Kong for orders over HKD $300, with exception to remote and restricted areas, please see below for details.
    • For delivery service to Tung Chung, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, Outlying Islands (Lantau Island, Lamma Island, Cheung Chau & Peng Chau), Kwai Chung Container Terminal and restricted areas, please refer to the table below for additional shipping charges for specific areas.



    Tung Chung


    Discovery Bay


    Ma Wan


    • Additional shipping charges could be handed to our delivery driver as the goods is being delivered. We reserve the right to cancel the order if customers are unwilling to pay the additional charges. If your area is not listed, please contact us at for alternative delivery and pickup methods
    • Shipping and delivery for medium to large-size items (Chairs,Desks,Racing Rigs,etc) generally take 7 to 14 working days; but could take up to 21 working days during/right after promotional periods
    • Shipping and delivery for small-size items (e.g mice, keyboards, Philips Hue products) generally take 3 to 7 working days; but could take up to 14 working days during/ right after promotional periods
    • Our staff members will call you 1 or 2 days before delivery to make arrangement for medium to large-size items; small-size items are generally delivered through courier who will contact you directly as they have picked up the goods
    • Delivery service covers addresses only within a 100m parameter of the unloading point.
    • For Zenox chair deliveries, there will be a $50 surcharge per floor (Five stairs) if there are stairs
    • For Zenox desk deliveries, there will be a $160 surcharge per floor (Five stairs)if there are stairs
    • We offer assembly service at $250 per order 

    *This page is only in regards to purchases in Hong Kong region. For customers in other areas, please navigate to our other respective stores in the "Contact Us" section.

    Exchange Policy

    • If the product is unused and found to be defective, exchange can be made within 7 days from the date of delivery
    • Please keep and show your proof of purchase (i.e. invoice, credit card records, etc.)
    • Products which have been used, stained or washed cannot be refunded
    • For products that have been purchased for more than 7 days, refunds will not be offered. Only maintenance and repair services will be available
    • All decisions by Zenox & Azure Esports Company Limited shall be final
    • Please contact us at or call 8481 0814 for more information




    • 除了偏遠地區和禁區外,訂單購物滿HKD$300我們在香港提供免費送貨服務,有關詳細信息,請參見下文。
    • 如需送貨至東涌,馬灣,愉景灣,離島(大嶼山,南丫島,長洲及坪洲),葵涌貨櫃碼頭及禁區,請參閱下表以了解具體的額外運輸費用地區。










    • 在交付貨物時,可能會向我們的司機收取額外的運費。如果客戶不願支付額外費用,我們保留取消訂單的權利。如果您所在的地區未列出,請通過zp@zenoxstore.com與我們聯繫,以獲取其他送貨方式
    • 中型和大型物品(椅子,桌子,賽車架等)的送貨時間通常需要7到14個工作天﹔如在促銷期間/之後最多可能需要21個工作天
    • 小件物品(例如滑鼠,鍵盤,Philips Hue產品等)的送貨時間通常需要3 - 7個工作天﹔如在促銷期間/之後最多可能需要14個工作天
    • 我們的送貨人員會在送貨前1或2個工作天向客人致電,以安排中型到大型物品送貨﹔小件物品通常通過快遞運送
    • 送貨服務僅覆蓋卸貨點100m以內的地址。
    • 對於Zenox椅子送貨,如果送貨地址有樓梯,每層(五級樓梯起計一層)將收取$ 50的附加費
    • 對於Zenox桌子送貨,如果送貨地址有樓梯,則每層(五級樓梯起計一層)將收取$ 160的附加費
    • 我們提供安裝/組裝服務,每訂單收取$ 250附加費



    • 如果產品未使用且有缺陷,則可在收貨之日起7個工作天內進行更換
    • 請保留您的購買證明(即發票,信用卡記錄等)
    • 已使用,染色或洗滌過的產品不能退款
    • 對於已購買7天以上的產品,將不予退款,僅提供保養和維修服務
    • Zenox及亞萃電子競技有限公司將保留最終決定權
    • 請通過zp@zenoxstore.com與我們聯繫,或致電8481 0814了解更多信息
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