The Mercury Series - An Affordable and Practical Gaming Chair

The Mercury Series - An Affordable and Practical Gaming Chair - Zenox

The Mercury Series - An Affordable and Practical Gaming Chair

Today, lets revisit one of our most affordable & popular series, the Mercury Series Gaming Chair.


As one of the earliest Zenox’s design, the Mercury series is heavily inspired by the traditional racing cars’ seat design, with added features fitting for long-hours sessions:


  • Lumbar & Head-Rest Pillow
  • 180-degree Backrest Recline
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Gas Rod for Height Adjustment


Named after the planet, the Mercury Series is also the smallest gaming chair among Zenox’s line-up, designed towards users with smaller frames.

Colour Options

The Mercury gaming chair series currently comes in 4 different colours.

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Pink


Mercury was designed to fit users with a smaller stature, height being below 175cm. The width of the seat is measured at 34cm and a base width of 70cm. While users with a taller stature/ larger frame may find this chair acceptable, we would recommend the others series such as the Saturn/Jupiter due to the weight capacity.


We find that as Gamers have higher usage of their chairs when compared to other users, it would mean gaming chairs tend to wear down faster as well. To counter this issue, a textured PVC artificial leather is the used on the chair’s surface to ensure durability and easy maintenance. As an added bonus, the material remains odorless after extensive usage.


3D Armrests

The Mercury gaming chair comes with 3D armrests which can be rotated internally or externally and can also be adjusted vertically. This allows users to find their most comfortable resting position when they are either using the keyboard and mouse, or when they are laying back to use their phone. Armrests are also wrapped with PU foam, providing good cushioning support.

Adjustable Seat Height

Mercury features an adjustable seat where you can adjust the height of the seat by simply pulling the lever that is easily accessible under the right side of the gaming chair.

Backrest Recline

By pulling a lever that resembles an emergency brake of race cars, the backrest can be reclined up to 180 degrees giving users the maximum comfort for relaxation.

Head & Lumbar Support Pillows

The Mercury gaming chair comes with head and lumbar pillows. The head pillow is made of soft-stretch cotton and the lumbar pillow is made of straight cut foam. The same PVC artificial leather is used on the outside of both pillows for the durability maintenance. The pillows can also be adjusted to different heights according to your body shape.


To conclude, the Mercury series was designed to be an affordable gaming chair suitable for people who are first switching to a gaming chair. It has all the necessities you would need, with a 1-year at-home warranty.

Though if you are looking for more in terms of more functionality, bigger size, or simply other colour options, feel free to check out all of our other series to find the right chair for you.


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