WiZ Portable button EU

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This easy-to-use button will surprise you by working everywhere. Stick it on the wall or in a corner without the need for screws or let a metal surface attract the magnet inside. Take it with you around your home and control your lights swiftly.


Place it anywhere, it’s wireless

Battery-powered button to place anywhere. Fix the included wall mounting plate with tape on the wall, and the magnet inside the button will keep it on the plate. Try the button directly on other metal surfaces as well, or simply leave it on a desk or table close to you.

Fast and easy control of products Connected by WiZ

Quick and easy control of your WiZ lights at your fingertips. No need for your smartphone or a voice assistant. Turn lights on/off with a press, adjust brightness with a long press. Compatible with all Connected by WiZ products.

15 meter long range control

This button is an easy way to control light, thanks to its control range up to 15 meters in a normal indoor environment, with partitions and wall.

Whole room control

This portable button is attached to a single room and triggers all lights in that room. Easily change the room you want to control, in the WiZ app.

Works even without Wi-Fi

This portable button communicates directly with WiZ lights. It works even when your Wi-Fi is down!


Design and finishing





Extra feature/accessory incl.

Batteries included


Control Distance

15 m

Power consumption


3 DC V

Product dimensions & weight


1.85 cm


6.4 cm

Net weight

0.066 kg


6.4 cm



2 year(s)

Technical specifications

Battery type

LR03 (AAA)

IP code


Class of protection

Class III

Packaging dimensions and weight


Net weight: 0.066 kg

Gross weight: 0.117 kg

Height: 16.100 cm

Length: 4.600 cm

Width: 7.600 cm