Wiz Wi-Fi 40W C37 E14 927-65 TW 1PF/6 Smart LED Bulb


Product description


With the help of the WiZ LED lamp, you bring the shades of light that is people-centered and can be converted according to the rhythm of the day to make your life easier. You can create timings for the lamp to turn on and off with your daily or weekly routine, command lights with your smart device or voice, and have the ability to remotely control your lights even when you’re away from home. WiZ lamps connect to your existing WiFi connection, you don’t need a separate bridge or home station.

WiZ lamps are easy to connect to your existing WiFi and the user-friendly application is immediately ready for use through preset programs. You can adjust the brightness of the light with an application or sound, and you can also get a remote control or motion sensor to make using the lights even more easy. You can also create your own routines so that the lights turn on and off the way you want. WiZ's innovative lighting solutions make your daily life easier.

Technical information:

  • Light output 470 lumens
  • Lights up immediately in full brightness
  • Stock: E14
  • Light tone adjustable from 2700 to 6500 K
  • Maximum operating power: 4.6 W
  • Equivalent to a 40 W incandescent lamp
  • RA index (CRI): 90
  • Average life expectancy 15,000 hours
  • Candle shaped
  • lamp length 116 mm, width 39 mm
  • Energy class: A +
  • WiFi connection
  • Software to be updated via the application (English application)
  • Compatible with multiple voice assistants: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts
  • Samsung Smartthings
  • Dimmable only with smart device or WiZ remote control, not suitable for traditional wall dimmer