Tai-Hao Doubleshot PBT Backlit 132 Keys+UK ISO 8 KEYS Keycap ( Deep Forest Blue)

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It's only keycaps, no keyboard included.


Color: 3Colors:  The Deep Forest Blue


Layout: US Layout

Material : PBT Backlit

Total Keys : 132 Key (with 28 extra keys)+UK ISO 8 KEYS

1pcs x R4 1U Del

4pcs x R4 1U blanks

1pcs x R4 1U Home

1pcs x R3 1U PgUp

1pcs x R2 1U PgDn

1pcs x R2 Stepped Caps Lock 3800  

1pcs x R2 Stepped Caps Lock 3000   

1pcs x R1 1U End

1pcs x R1 1.75U Shift

1pcs x R0 1U Ctrl

1pcs x R0 1U Alt

2pcs x R0 1U Win

1pcs x R0 1U Fn

1pcs x R0 1U Menu

1pcs x R0 1.25U Fn

2pcs x R0 1.5U Ctrl

2pcs x R0 1.5U Alt

4pcs x R0 1U blanks

1pcs X R0 6U Spacebar

OEM Profile

Compatible with Cherry MX Switch Types

Space bar: 1 x 6.25 

Included :  a plastic key puller 

Made in Taiwan

Packing :box

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