Zenox Stand Alone Monitor Stand


Zenox Stand Alone Monitor Stand provides excellent flexibility for your display to be used with the Simulator Rigs. Adjustable height mounts along with lockable casters enable users to position their display units at the perfect spot. 

The openings on the monitor mounts supports 4mm, 5mm and 6mm bolts with corresponding washers, and mounting points of the following sizes:

75 x 75mm
100 x 100mm
100 x 200mm
200 x 200mm
200 x 300mm
300 x 300mm
300 x 400mm
400 x 400mm

L77cm x 54cm x H100-130cm
Net Weight: 9.5KG

*Please note that the mounting points on the display must be on a flat surface. 
The display mounted onto the stand must not exceed 43" inches and 11kg.
This stand is designed for mounting 1 display unit ONLY.