獨創OcuMax瞳樂光桌面配光技術 抑制眩光, 提供舒適閱讀照明

○ AA級光效 搭配不對稱式光學設計 ,將均勻光 線導向工作及閱讀區域
○ 飛梭旋鈕設計,支援無級調光調色溫功 能, 輔以簡約觸控按鍵, 增添使用便利性

○ 3D 燈臂設計, 可彈性調整照明方

○ 高達3個情境設定, 用以設定最愛的光源設定
○ 獨立按鍵用以調整燈頭後方的獨立環境光源模組,用來提供均 勻的背景光, 使眼睛不易疲勞
○ 以RGO豁免級無危害的成績通過 IEC 62778 藍光危害測試

顏色 純淨白/碳黑

電壓 100-240V

光源瓦數 12W

光通量 600 lm
最大照度 1000 lux @40cm
色溫 2700-6500K

尺寸 W450 x L437 x H416mm

  • Pass blue light hazard testing with RGO (exempt) record
  • Auto brightness calibration
  • Eyecare optimal comfort

Technical Specifications

Design and finishing
Color: white/black
Material: aluminium

Product dimensions & weight
Height: 41.6 cm
Length: 43.7 cm
Net weight: 1.313 kg
Width: 45.0 cm

Technical specifications
Lifetime up to 15,000 hour(s)
Total lumen output fixture 600 lm Lux 1000@40cm
Mains power Range 100 V – 240 V 50-60 Hz
Fixture dimmable: Yes
LED: Yes
Built in LED: Yes
Number of bulbs: 1
Wattage bulb included
Maximum wattage replacement bulb: 12 W
IP code: IP20 - protection against objects bigger than 12.5 mm no protection against water
Class of protection II – double insulated

Extra feature/accessory incl.
FFP – Frustration Free Pack Yes

Especially designed for
Home office & Study Living- & Bedroom
Type Table lamp
EyeComfort Yes

Warranty 2 year(s)