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Three Versions To Choose

Version C (Full Set) Compatibility

Q series/V series/K2/K2 Pro/K4/K6/K6 Pro/K8/K8 Pro/K10/K12/K14/C1/C2 

Version A Compatibility


Version B Compatibility

V3/V4/V6/Q3/Q4/Q0/Q6/K8/K8 Pro/K10/K12

Premium PBT.
Five-Sided Dye-Sub.

Engineered with durable PBT material, these keycap sets feature dye-sublimated technology that ensures the legends are beautifully printed on the keycaps, while the legends will not shine or wear out for decades. And it's fully compatible with MX mechanical switches.

Version A on Q1 Keyboard

Modifier keys for Windows and Linux are also available for dedicated typing experience.

The extra keys for Version A

Keycap Installed On The Keyboard

Version C on Keychron K10

Version A: Q1

Version A: Q2

Version A: K2

Version B: Q3


Material: PBT
Thickness: 1.6mm
Legend: Dye-sublimated, backlight does not shine through
Stem: MX style
Profile: OEM

Compatible keyboards:
Version A: V1, V2, Q1, Q2, and K2 (75% and 65% layout keyboards)
Version B: V3, V4, V6, Q3, Q4, Q0, Q6, K8, K8 Pro, K10, K12, C1, and C2 (80%, 100%, and 60% layout keyboards)
Version C (Full Set): Q series (Except for Q8 and Q10), V series, K2, K2 Pro, K4, K6, K6 Pro, K8, K8 Pro, K10, K12, K14, C1 and C2

Note:  Since this keycap set is five-sided dye-sublimated, the color on the keycap sides may be slightly different than the color on the front.