Keychron Keyboard Carrying Case

HK$191 – HK$239

Version: K2 Aluminum Frame

Version: K2 Aluminum Frame
K2 Aluminum Frame
K4 Aluminum Frame
K6/K6 Pro Aluminum Frame
K8/K8 Pro Aluminum Frame
K10 Aluminum Frame
Q3 / C1 / V3
Q4 / V4
Q6 / V6
Q5 / Q10 / V5
HK$239 HK$191 SAVE 20%

Sophisticated home for Keychron keyboard

Marrying the concept of a keyboard case and a carrying case, the keyboard carrying case delivers durability without extra weight. It is both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. 

long-lasting performance

Stylish and durable, the case prevents damages or scratches caused by accidental bumping, dropping, provides durability and long-lasting performance and gives you a better using experience.

Premium and Unique Design

The soft and premium interior of the keyboard carrying case to ensure the K2/K4/K6/K8 keyboard is protected. With the unique design, the case allows you to put the cable, keycap puller or other minor things along with the keyboard.

For K2/K4/K6/K8 aluminum frame version  

Model Size Case Weight (Plastic Frame Version)
Case Weight (Aluminum Frame Version)
K2 367 x 203 x 55 mm 397 g/0.87 lb 383 g/0.84 lb
K4 423 x 203 x 55 mm 443 g/0.97 lb 450 g/0.99 lb
K6 / K6 Pro 364 x 200 x 55 mm 391 g/0.86 lb 394 g/0.86 lb
K8 / K8 Pro 415 x 203 x 55 mm 460 g/1.01 lb 439 g/0.96 lb