Govee LED Strip Light M1 Matter Compatible (2m)



Model: H61E0

First Govee Light that Supports Matter: The LED lights work with all certified smart home platforms, including HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant and etc. Control the smart LED strip lights via voice commands for a better and smarter ecological experience.

  • 4-in-1 RGBIC+ Technology: Display multiple colors on one strip light.
  • Brighter than Ever: Twice the lumen brightness.
  • More DIY Fun: Control 20 customizable segments for personalized color displays.
  • Music Sync with Govee Lights: Sync sounds with other Govee lights.
  • Connectable LED Lights: This light can be spliced up to 16.4ft (5m).

Govee LED Strip Light M1 Matter Compatible(6.56ft)

Live Life In Color


Matter allows compatibility with major smart home ecosystems, providing more ways for users to customise and futureproof their smart homes.

Advanced Color

4-in-1 RGBIC+ Technology Better natural tones | Higher lumen brightness | Richer color performance

Higher-Density 60 LEDs/m

2x Brightness
*When compared to Govee's other strip lights.

In terms of color and lumens, our LED strip lights have the most lamp beads on the market. There are 60 LEDs per meter, allowing for a wide range of colors and effects to appear more clearly on your light strip.

Enhanced DIY Color Control

Customizable segments
Ultra-smooth animations
moving effects
Personalized color displays

Surround Your Space with Vibrant Colors

Watch in awe as all your Govee lights simultaneously flow to the beats and rhythms of your playlists.


The LED strip Light can be spliced up to 16.4ft(5m).