Gateron Phantom Switch - Phantom Red


Quantity of one set: 35 Switches

Quantity of one set: 35 Switches
35 Switches
110 Switches

Keychron Exclusive

Gateron Phantom Switch

If you are looking for a new feel on your keyboard, you came to the right place. Keychron teamed up with Gateron to create the exclusive Phantom switches. They are designed to deliver a premium smooth and tactile typing experience. The SMD-LED compatible switches are fully compatible with our regular Keychron mechanical keyboard.

Note: The Phantom switches have phantom light effects that allows the RGB backlight to have the switches' own case color. The red will make the backlights have more of a red lava fire effect, the blue will allow the backlights to have a more of a mysterious blizzard like effect, and the brown will make the backlights coffee color and the yellow will make the backlights shine like the sun.

Silky Smooth And Satisfying

When it comes to the feel and performance of your switches, every detail counts. As one of Gateron Pro switch series, every detail in Gateron Phantom Switch delivers near perfect consistency and smoothness with each keypress. Available in red, blue, brown and yellow, these custom switches will elevate any board you put them in. 

Pre-Lubed, Plus Stable

Compared to regular Gateron switches, these factory pre-lubed Gateron Phantom switches (excluding Blue switch) offer less wobbliness while increase switch thickness as well as stability. 

Compatible Keyboards:

Any Gateron G Pro Mechanical (Hot-Swappable) version, Keychron Mechanical (Hot-Swappable) version, Q series or V series Keychron keyboards.