Gateron Low Profile 2.0 Mechanical Switch


Switch: Red

Switch: Red

New Breakthrough And Upgrade Typing Feel

The Gateron Low Profile 2.0 Switch (KS-33) is upgraded from the original Low Profile Switch (KS-27). It is one of the best low profile switches that feature longer pre-travel and travel distances than the previous KS-27 but still actuates quicker than the normal profile switch.
It ensures a comfortable and smooth fingertip feel but may also reduce accidental keystrokes. If you enjoy lightning-speed typing or fast-paced gaming, this is your ideal match.

Keychron Optical Switch Red Blue brown for Keychron K4 K6 K8 wireless mechanical keyboard

Dustproof Structure

The MX-styled stem is designed with a circular dust wall structure to resist the intrusion of dust.

Improve Bottoming-out Feel

This brand new low profile switch is built with a 0.3 cm extended inner positioning stem pole and a 0.3 cm shortened side pole. It resolves the original issue of bottoming out early.

Linear, Tactile, And Clicky

Available in your choice of tactile, linear, or clicky switches. It also comes in brown, red, and blue colors.

Gateron Low Profile 2.0 Switches Features

Low-profile Gateron Mechanical Switch Red Blue brown for Keychron K3 K7 wireless mechanical keyboard

The new Gateron KS-33 Low Profile 2.0 Switch is 12.2 mm in height, which is slightly higher than Gateron KS-27 Low Profile Switch.

Compatible Keyboards

K1* / K1 SE* / K3* / K5* / K5 SE* / K7 / S1 Low-Profile Gateron Mechanical keyboard (*Soldering is required in order to alter a switch on the K1, K3, K5 and S1 (Non-hot swappable version) Low-Profile Gateron Mechanical keyboard)

*Low profile Gateron Mechanical switch keyboard is not compatible with any conventional mx style mechanical switch.