Gateron Baby Raccoon Linear Switch (110 Switches)


Shorten Total Travel And Early Bottom-out

The Gateron Baby Raccoon Switch is a linear switch that features a 0.64 mm stem, which is longer than conventional switches and shortens the total travel to 3.6±0.2 mm for an early bottom-out feel. Taking into account the feel and sound, it also makes the pressing sound more concentrated and delivers a smooth and extraordinary typing experience.

Gateron Baby Raccoon Linear Switch Structure.jpeg__PID:6e4b6f05-b8a2-41e8-a303-f2dc81f981dc

Extended Gold-Plated Spring

The Baby Raccoon Switch uses a 20 mm extended gold-plated spring to not only enforce the switch’s high durability but also provide an operation pressure of 55gf, which is ideal for office and gaming use

2.0 Condenser Light Hole Scheme

It incorporates the G Pro 2.0 switch's condenser light hole and light guide column design to make the light more concentrated, perfect for displaying RGB lighting. It is compatible with SMD-LED and more than 99% of keycaps on the market.

Gateron Baby Raccoon Linear Switch
Plain And Elegant Appearance Design

Plain And Elegant Appearance Design

The Baby Raccoon Switch still takes the "true color" route. The upper housing and base are of natural raw material color and the stem is a light coffee color to reference the hair of the little raccoon, which brings an intriguing visual experience..

Product Information

Baby Raccoon Switch

Type Linear
Operation Force 55±8 gf
Pre-Travel 2.0±0.5 mm
Total Travel 3.6±0.2 mm
Sound Level Low
Operation Life Up to 80M cycles
Suitable For Gaming/ Office
Hand feeling Vertical, strong pressing force, hard rebound
Gateron Baby Kangaroo Tactile Switch Force Travel Diagram


Product Name Gateron Baby Raccoon Linear Switch
Stem POM, MX stem
Housing PC material (Cover), PA66 material (Base)
Spring 20 mm gold-plated  
Pins 5-Pin switch 
Lubrication Lubed version
SMD LED support Yes

Gateron Baby Raccoon Linear Switch Layout of PCB