Fnatic Dash Gaming Mouse Pad


Size: M (360x280mm)

Size: M (360x280mm)
M (360x280mm)
L (487x372mm)
XL (475x475mm)
XD (950x500mm)

DASH is an elite esports performance-enhancing mousepad. Thanks to the unique low-friction hybrid F15 surface, experience fast mouse glide whilst maintaining excellent control. It's built on top of solid natural rubber and is surrounded by an industry-best stitch.

MEDIUM: 360x280x3mm is the ideal size for compact gaming setup.

LARGE: 487x372x3mm provides generous space for large mouse movements.

X LARGE: 475x475x3mm provides generous space for the largest mouse movements as well as full forearm and elbow support.



Uniform X & Y tracking ensures consistent glide and tracking for all mouse movement directions. This is the highest sensor-tracking compatibility rate of any mousepad we tested – Tested with industry-standard Pixart sensors.

Pixel Perfect

3x lower sensor deviation rate vs gaming-grade competitors.



The unique polyester blend is non-hygroscopic (high repellence against liquid absorption from the atmosphere) as well as liquid/sweat resistant.

Always Fresh

This ensures a uniformly dry surface for consistently fast glide.



Tightly woven micro-knit stitch is the most sophisticated found on any natural rubber base. It's slimmer and more closer knit compared to competitors. This prevents irritation to wrists/forearm or mouse feet when performing fast flicks shots and large mouse movements.

Maximum Durability

The anti-fray is the most durable on any mousepad.


Grippy, textured, dense natural rubber is the preferred grippy base for performance mousepads. Our proprietary heat-adhesive application enables this surface to adhere to the natural rubber and allow the mousepad to be rolled without damaging the unique surface. *

Super Stable

High-density rubber provides a concrete platform mouse platform.

*DISCLAIMER: The mousepad is not to be rolled with the gliding surface on the inside