Durock T1 Smokey 67g Mechanical Switch (35pcs)

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Product Description

DUROCK Smokey T1 67g Spring Mechanical Switches 5 pins Tactile Keyboard Switch Halo Stem Key Switches for DIY Keyboard Switches

A Mechanical Keyboard Switch salutes to Holy Panda

The original Holy Panda Mechanical Keyboard Switch was really a happy accident!
Holy panda Switches have a smooth round bump then smooth snap after the bump. 

The bump is very noticeable/prominent, and it gives you a lot of feedback upon actuation - responsive to the touch. 

The 67gf springs do add to the experience on a pronounced tactile bump, its snappy, making it feel responsive.

It just asks you to keep typing, it feels alive, it just wants you to keep typing not only for your pleasure, but for you to keep trying to find the spot.

One of our 20 years experiences engineers is a Zealot of Holy Panda switches, also a Hardcore Gamer who is very keen on DIY keyboards.
Due to the Scarcity of the original Holy Panda switches, he spent more than 6 months to develop our own design Mechanical Tactile switch, it is already can reach 95% of the original feelings of Holy panda as per our customers' feedback, but it is still with its own unique tactile feelings. 

It is not a clone! It is a special gift full of his intelligence, energy, patience and dream. 

It pays honour to the 1st original Holy panda. 

It gives all the Holy Panda fanciers an alternative to recall, to try!

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