Durock L4 Smokey 67g Mechanical Switch(35pcs)


DUROCK Linear Keyboard Switch Mechanical Keyboard switches 67g Creamy Purple Switch L4 Gold Plated Spring Linears Key Switches

A Mechanical Keyboard Switch -- 67g PCB Mount Linear Switch, Plate Mount Switches

67g spring weight is rated at bottom out force, not actuation. DUROCK OEM PCB Mount Linear Switch with much more Smooth performance. These 5 pins switches are also able to be used in plate mounted keyboards with simply cut the 2 small plastic pins off.
The housing color and stem color are customizable in mass production.
The spring force is also able to custom as per your requirements.



1. Polycarbonate & Polymer Nylon housing

The top housing is Polycarbonate, the lower housing is Polymer Nylon.

We know exactly the materials are very important for the switch performances, sound and feelings.
Polycarbonate is with higher intensity and more transparency  features to act as top housing. 
Nylon is wear-resistant which is more suitable for switch lower housing.
2. OEM Special Design Stem with POM material.


3. Gold plated 67gf Spring.
4. Style: Linear

5.  LED styles: SMD and through-hole
6. Gold-plated cross-point

7. Simple Pre-lubed on producton lines

12V DC 0.1A
Insulation Resistance
Contact Resistance
100mΩ Max
Dielectric Strength
250VAC 50/60HZ for 1 min
Operating Temperature Range
-25 ℃ to 85 ℃
Work Travel
Total Travel
Detailed Images
Mechanical Keyboard Switch
PCB Mount, Plate Mount
Bottom Out Force
67gf for Gaming Keyboard Switch
More Accurate typing, Longer service life.

About Mechanical Keyboards

A mechanical keyboard has actual, physical switches beneath the keys that recreate the experience of typing on a typewriter. Press a key, and you press its switch down. Although there are different types of switches used in mechanical keyboards, they all have the same result: More accurate typing.