Divoom Timebox-Evo Pixel Art Speaker 16x16 DIY LED Display Alarm Clock Box

  • Timebox-Evo is the most modern pixel art speaker from Divoom, and it’s full of many exciting features. With a 16x16 LED front panel and a rearward 6w Bluetooth speaker, it delivers a sensational audio and visual experience.

  • DSP Tuned Audio: Powered by a 6W DSP tuned speaker, Timebox-Evo delivers an impressive audio experience. It also features a bass port to further enhance the bass note. Along with its built-in music visualizer, let’s enjoy the light & sound performance.

  • Modern Design: Timebox-Evo features a modern sleek chassis, where the minimalist design will channel all attention to its vivid pixel panel and great sound. If you want to experience the magic of pixel art speaker, Timebox-Evo offers the purest experience.

  • DIY Pixel Art Creation: With the Divoom companion APP, you can create and show any pixel art animation on the Timebox-Evo. Through its perfect square display, every 8-bit pixel art is presented at its best shape.

  • Alarm Clock & More: Timebox-Evo is full of exciting features, such as: alarm clock, sleep aid, SNS notification, stopwatch, weather report, classic mini games and more... Like its name, Timebox-Evo is constantly evolving via APP updates. 



Timebox-Evo evolves from the legendary Timebox series, where it has the signature square design with the front LED panel and rearward speaker. The LED panel is controlled via our mobile APP, which transforms Timebox-Evo into a pixel art LED smart speaker.