Divoom Pixoo64 64x64 Pixel Art LED Display Social Media Counter

  • 【Shop Pixoo-64】Pixoo-64 is a 10.3 inch WiFi pixel art display frame with a 64x64 LED panel, and it's full of exciting features. You can set it up as an informative counter, where it automatically will fetch the latest online information, such as: social media channel status, cryptocurrency & stock prices, gaming KDA, Spotify music and more...
  • 【Divoom App & Pixel Art Creation】

    Pixoo-64 is the gateway to one of the largest online pixel art gallery & community. Choose any animation to display on your Pixoo-64 with a touch on the Divoom APP, and you can even make your own pixel art animation with the helpful drawing tools, or import an existing picture/GIF with its pixelate conversion.

  • 【Social Media Tracker & Game KDA】 T

    Track your social media channel performance on the Pixoo-64, and celebrate the milestones of your achievements. Pixoo-64 can also fetch your in-game KDA performance, so you can sharpen your gaming skills to climb in ranks.

  • 【Lighting Decoration & Display Customize】

    Pixoo-64 is the perfect lighting decor for your room. With its triple stances, you can hang it up as a lighting backdrop in the studio, a window promo sign for a store, or a desktop decor in the game room with your NFT collection. The creativity is endless.

  • 【WiFi Connection with More Possibilities】

    Powered by the Divoom APP, Pixoo-64 will constantly evolve with new skills through software updates. It also supports smart home commands like: Amazon Alexa & Google Home. You can also make your own skills with its support of IFTTT & REST API. 


The Pixel Art Cloud Frame

Pixoo-64 is a WiFi pixel art display with a 64x64 LED panel. This is  the ultimate lighting decor for your room, and it has many exciting features. You can fetch the latest online information to display on your Pixoo-64, such as: social media channel status, gaming KDA stats, crypto/stock/exchange rates, and many more...