WiZ Starry Night CL913 RD 36W 27-65K S WV TW - Silver

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天花燈不包安裝!Installation service are not included!

Commercial information

• Smart control Anywhere
• Easily control with app and voice


• Wide range of color temperature, providing the most suitable lighting for your daily activities. Get cool or daylight color to concentrate and improve productivity; use soft warm white to relax and feel cozy.

• WiZ native feature Circadian Rhythm makes your lights mimic the natural transition of the sunlight throughout the day. Apply the cyclical lighting pattern to boost your energy in the morning and help you wind down after a busy day.

Technical specification

Starry Night ceiling CL913
• 36W 2500lm
• Size Φ 465X100mm
• 2700-6500K
• Synthetics
• Twilight Gold/ Silver
• 15,000 hours lifetime
• Integrated driver, 100-240V