Cherry MX2A Switch Set (110 Switches)

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Color: RGB Speed Silver

RGB Speed Silver
Silent RGB Red

Cherry MX2A Switch

New Design And Feel

Cherry MX2A Switch is a new switch that delivers a premium, smooth, and satisfying typing experience. It upgraded its internal structure from the original Cherry switch and offers a more subdued and quieter feel. If you are a Cherry Switch fan and want a quieter sound, Cherry MX2A Switch will be a must-have!

Cherry MX2A Switches

High-Precision Ring Lubrication

The MX2A adopts a high-precision lubrication that is applied directly to the socket dome of the bottom housing through a carefully developed automated process, ensuring every keystroke remains smooth and silent.

High-Precision Ring Lubrication

New Barrel Spring Geometry

New Barrel Spring Geometry

Instead of a cylindrical geometry spring, MX2A switches use a barrel-shaped one, which is narrower at its top and bottom and ensures each spring maintains its form in almost contactless linear movement. It also reduces inner scratches and makes each keystroke feel uniform.

Unique Spring-Centering Stem Structure

By adding a “crown” of six ribs to the stem's opening to help keep the spring centered, and reduce wobble, the Cherry MX2A switch elevates your typing or gaming experience to the extent. 

Updated Stem Structure

New Bottom Housing Design

New Bottom Housing Design

Adorned with a diamond-polished surface convex dome design in the bottom housing also improves its sliding properties and offers a super-smooth actuation feel.

Industry Leading Gold Crosspoint Contact

It adopts industry leading gold contacts to make the electrical contact enclosure self-cleaning and provide permanent anti-corrosion performance and excellent electricity transmission, which guarantees the RGB switch (exclude RGB silent switch) for up to 100 million operations. 

Industry Leading Gold Crosspoint Contact

Cherry MX2A Silent Switch

The stem of the RGB Silent switch is made of two components and contains noise reduction structures. It has more silent sound than the regular Cherry RGB switch and features more than 50 million keystroke times.

Cherry MX2A RGB Silent Red Switch

Cherry MX2A RGB Red Switch

Cherry MX2A Switches Features 

Different Cherry MX2A Switches Features


Product Name Cherry MX2A Switch
Stem Plastic polymer , MX stem
Upper Housing 
Plastic polymer 
Housing Base 
Plastic polymer and glass fibre
Spring Spring steel
Pins 3-Pins
SMD LED Support Yes

PS: SMD is an acronym for Surface Mounted Device. Their LEDs are attached to a rectangular printed circuit board (PCB). These LED chips can come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can produce different light intensities and colors.

Cherry MX2A Switch Technology Introduction