Nebula 星雲人體工學辦公椅

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Zenox Nebula 星雲人體工辦公椅,絕對是你的辦公室必需品。Nebula 在可調節性和功能方面是對其同類 Zagen 的升級,可滿足你的各種需求。

  • WINTEX 網布
  • 瑞士SGS,BIFMA,德國 TUV 認證人體工學椅
  • 高度和傾斜度可調的頭枕
  • 可調節椅背
  • 躺後及鎖定功能
  • 座椅前後調節器
  • 4級液壓氣桿
  • 5年保養

Nebula Series

Introducing the Nebula chair series, your office necessity. Nebula is an upgrade to it’s kin Zagen in terms of adjustabilities and functionalities to fit your every need.


Height Adjustment

in reach, finally.

Under your grip of the armrest to the right has another lever
that replaced convention under-chair height adjustment lever.Without reaching upon might be a slightly awkward position,the height can now be easily adjusted. 

Backrest Height

adjustability is key.
Unlike conventional designs, the backrest of the chairhas a separate height adjusting mechanism. With 4 stages,the lifting frame lock sat different height to suit differentpeople, effectively alleviate sedentary fatigue.

Lumbar Support

seem less, but just as important.
The independent torsion spring provides full support to the lower back. Working separately from other parts of the chair, this lumbar support is reactive to the pressure applied to it.

Seat Slider

the next level adjustability.
The seat of Nebula holds another feature, the slider. Finding the perfect chair has never been easy, but with the slider, Nebula enables extra adjustability for users to have the chair just as how they would like it. 


Korean imported premium mesh.

Made of polyester fiber and American DuPont elastic yarn woven, the WINTEX mesh has gone the through 100,000cycle test, the California fire safety 117 Standard Test and British Standard Test. This fabric is not only breathable, but also very durable.

120° Recliner

sit back, and relax.

The contemporary design of Nebula features armrest levers. The recline of the chair can be easily adjusted by pulling the lever under the grip of the left armrest. The mechanism locksand unlocks with one simple click.

Certified Product

with trust.

The Nebula is supported by certificates from Switzerland SGS,BIFMA, German TUV for Ergonomic Chair, and American UL for low chemical emission. Most of all the 5 years Zenox to-door warranty service.


functional and comfortable.

The height of the armrest is held by built-in locks.6 heights can be adjusted, each 1 cm apart. To reset, simply pull to the maximum height and the locks will release. The PU coated top provides maximum comfort, also a 24 degrees sideways tilt angle adjustment.

Related Information

5-Years Warranty

The Nebula Series' hardware (Frame, Armrests, Wheelbase, Gas Lift, Tilt Mechanism, cliner) are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 5-Years from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. For the replacement of upholstery, we provide One-time free replacement within 5 years.

We would either provide To-Door warranty service or Free parts delivery with instructions, depending on the warranty service required.

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We provide free delivery service to most areas within Hong Kong, with exception to remote and restricted areas.

Shipping and delivery generally take 7 to 10 working days; but could take up to 21 working days during/right after promotional periods

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The Nebula Series is designed to be easily assembled, an instruction manual is included in the package. You can also follow our step-by-step instruction video.

For a hassle-free option, the assembled-before-delivery service is available at $250HKD, please add it to cart before checkout, or contact us before it is delivered if you've missed it.


Keep it Dry

Vacuum any dirt off your chair. Remove remaining dirt with warm soap and water. If stains persist, gently dab the area with a spot cleaner. DO NOT rub or scrub.

Keep it Clean
Light stains can be removed with textile cleaner or a sponge damped in water or a mild soapy solution, remember to wipe it dry with a clean cloth afterwards.

Avoid High Heat

High temperature such as long exposure to direct sunlight would damage the the top coating of the mesh.

Avoid Sharps Objects
Although Scratch-resistant, sharps objects could still pierce and damage the mesh at certain point.


Recommended for:

Height: 155-185cm

Weight: <100kg


SKU: Z-10138-BLK

Warranty: 5-Years

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy / Plastic

Upholstery: Wintex Mesh

Headrest Pillow: /

Lumbar Support Pillow: /

Armrests: PU Coated

Gas Lift: Class 4

Wheelbase: Reinforced Nylon

Wheels: PU Coated

Colour Options: Black


Width: 73cm

Depth: 49cm

Min. Height: 122cm

Max. Height: 129cm

Seat Width (Including Sides): 49cm

Seat Width (Excluding Sides): 44cm

Seat Depth: 49cm

Armrest-to-Armrest: 66 cm

Backrest Length: 59cm

Backrest Width: 49cm

Weight: 21kg

Base Diameter: 73cm

Package Info

Package Size: 88cm x 55cm x 66cm
Net Weight: 21kg
Gross Weight: 28kg

Package Content:

1 x Installation Manual
1 x Headrest Pillow
1 x Lumbar Pillow
1 x Backrest with Side Covers
1 x Seat
1 x Tilt Mechanism
2 x Armrests
1 x Wheelbase
1 x Gas Lift with Cover
5 x Wheels
1 x Nebula Series Assembly Tool Kit with Universal Tool