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Mong Kok Pioneer 旺角始創 : 6563 4820 (Phone/ WhatsApp) 
Tsuen Wan Arcadia 荃灣旗艦: 5543 2543  (Phone/Whatsapp)
*Please refer to each store's Business Hours 請參考各門市營業時間*

Office Hotline 辦公室電話 (Mon to Fri 10:00 - 18:00)

General/Business Inquiry 一般/商業查詢 : 2180 9669 (Phone/WhatsApp)
Delivery Inquiry 送貨查詢: 8481 0814 (WhatsApp) 3582 4475 (Phone) 
Aftersales Inquiry 保養查詢: 84817841 (WhatsApp)


Zenox Pioneer 始創專門店

Zenox Pioneer is based at the prime location of Mong Kok. With all our chairs on display you can try them all out at your convenience. Our Feature Set-up also highlights the latest popular PC peripherals /Smart Home gadgets. 
Zenox Pioneer 始創專門店位於交通方便嘅旺角,有齊Zenox所有系列嘅凳同陳列左最新嘅電競/智能家居產品。歡迎過嚟問清楚,試清楚最適合你產品!
Address: Shop 204-205, Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong
Pioneer Phone No. 門市電話: 6563 4820
*Business Hours 營業時間*
Mon - Sun 1200 - 2100 星期一至日中午十二點到晚上九點




Zenox Arcadia 旗艦體驗店


Zenox Arcadia is the one-stop-shop for your gaming/ smart home needs. Here we display our full range to products including Desks, chairs, and Sim Rigs at your experiencing pleasure. Multiple fully functional set-ups for PC Gaming, Smart Home, Console Gaming , and Home Office purposes. 
位於荃灣,Zenox Arcadia體驗店能夠一站式滿足您的房間大改造/智能家居嘅需要。呢度陳列哂Zenox所有枱,凳,同賽車架。我地更以PC Gaming, Console Gaming, 同Home Office 作爲主題設計左多個組合。歡迎過嚟問清楚,試清楚最適合你產品!
Address: Unit 104 - 105 (1/F), Mega Trade Centre, 1 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan
地址:荃灣美環街1時貿中心104 - 105 室 (一樓)
Arcadia Phone No. 門市電話: 5543 2543
*Business Hours營業時間:*
Monday - Friday星期一至五: 0930 - 1830 上午九點半至下午六點半
Saturday星期六: 0930 - 1230 上午九點半到中午十二點半
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays 星期日及公眾假期休息


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