Zeus Gaming Desk

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Zeus Gaming Desk is the answer to elementary PC-in-desk set up for gamers. The 1m wide table was made to fit environment with limited space.

Dimension : (W) 100cm x (D) 73cm x (H) 76cm  

  • Supports a wide range of ATX boards across brands.
  • 8 x 120mm fan docks, 4 front, 4 rear.
  • Liquid Cooling Options supporting radiators of 
    • 120mm x 120mm, 240mm, 360mm and 480mm
  • Dedicated HDD/SSD dock
  • 155mm Headroom for a wide range of water-cooled GPUs

    *The table is sold as is, without all PC parts. Customers can build their own PC or contact us for fully built options at sales@zenoxstore.com.

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