Pluto Gaming Chair (Red)

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Zenox Pluto Gaming Chair

  • Breathable Fabric
  • Backrest Recline
  • Multi-Directional Armrests
  • Head & Lumbar Pillows
  • 1-Year (Hardware) Warranty

Pluto Series

Featuring a sporty design, Zenox Pluto Series Racing Chairs are ideal for gamers who prefer a modest sized chair that will support them well for extended period of gaming sessions.


Equipped with the highest end TUV certified Class 4 Hydraulic Gas Lift , the Pluto Series allows a smooth and noiseless height adjustment.

Lay down flat completely with Pluto Series' Full Height Recline & Lock-able Backrest that can recline up to 180° and lock at different angles.

Lean back and sway with Pluto Series's built-in Tilt Mechanism, the backrest is synchronized regardless of its angle.

Depending on your weight and preference, adjust the tilt resistance via the Tilt Tension Knob on the mechanism to find the most comfortable configuration.


Breathable Fabric

We use breathable fabric as the core material of the backrest and seat of this Pluto Series Racing Chair.
It stays at room temperature and keeps you cool through extended use.

Backrest Recline

Inspired by racing car seats, Zenox Pluto Series Racing Chair is ergonomically designed to accommodate extensive gaming sessions.

The backrest can be reclined for gamer to relax or rest comfortably in different positions.

Multi-Directional Armrests

Adjust your armrests up, down, angled left or right and find your optimal gaming configuration.

They are polyurethane(PU) coated to provide a comfortable cushion and good support for your arms.

Head & Lumbar Pillows

Our chairs come with head and lumbar pillows to provide good support while gaming.

The head pillow is made of soft stretch cotton,while the lumbar pillow is made of cut foam.

Related Information

The Pluto Series' hardware (Frame, Armrests, Wheelbase, Gas Lift, Tilt Mechanism, Recliner) are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1-Year from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. For the replacement of upholstery, please contact us for a price quote.

We would either provide To-Door warranty service or Free parts delivery with instructions, depending on the warranty service required.

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We provide free delivery service to most areas within Hong Kong, with exception to remote and restricted areas.

Shipping and delivery generally take 7 to 10 working days; but could take up to 21 working days during/right after promotional periods

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The Pluto Series is designed to be easily assembled, an instruction manual is included in the package. You can also follow our step-by-step instruction video.

For a hassle-free option, the assembled-before-delivery service is available at $250HKD, please add it to cart before checkout, or contact us before it is delivered if you've missed it.

Keep it Dry

Wipe the Chair dry if the leatherette came into contact with water such as spills or sweat.

Keep it Clean
Light stains can be removed with textile cleaner or a sponge damped in water or a mild soapy solution, remember to wipe it dry with a clean cloth afterwards.

Avoid High Heat

High temperature such as long exposure to direct sunlight would damage the the top coating of the leatherette.

Avoid Sharps Objects
Although Scratch-resistant, sharps objects could still pierce and damage the leatherette at certain point.


Recommended for:

Height: 155-175cm

Weight: <100kg


SKU: Z-4063

Warranty: 1-Year (Hardware)

Frame Material: Reinforced Nylon

Upholstery: Breathable Fabric

Logo Stitching: Machine Embroidery

Headrest Pillow: Soft Stretch Cotton

Lumbar Support Pillow: High-Density Molded Foam

Armrests: 2D (PU Coated)

Gas Lift: Class 4

Wheelbase: Reinforced Nylon

Wheels: PU Coated

Colour Options: Black / Red


Width: 72cm

Depth: 52cm

Min. Height: 119cm

Max. Height: 125cm

Seat Width (Including Sides): 55cm

Seat Width (Excluding Sides): 36cm

Seat Depth: 48cm

Seat Height: 8cm

Armrest-to-Armrest: 64cm

Backrest Length: 83cm

Backrest Width: 56cm

Weight: 18kg

Base Diameter: 72cm

Package Info

Package Size: 84 x 72 x 35cm

Net Weight / Gross Weight: 18 / 21kg

Package Content:

1 x Installation Manual

1 x Headrest Pillow

1 x Lumbar Pillow

1 x Backrest with Side Covers

1 x Seat

1 x Tilt Mechanism

2 x Armrests

1 x Wheelbase

1 x Gas Lift with Cover

5 x Wheels

1 x Pluto Series Assembly Tool Kit with Universal Tool

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