Orion Gaming Desk Pro - Zenox
Orion Gaming Desk Pro - Zenox
Orion Gaming Desk Pro - Zenox
Orion Gaming Desk Pro - Zenox
Orion Gaming Desk Pro - Zenox
Orion Gaming Desk Pro - Zenox
Orion Gaming Desk Pro - Zenox
Orion Gaming Desk Pro - Zenox

Zenox Orion Gaming Desk Pro (Height-Adjustable)

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Zenox Orion Gaming Desk Pro (Height-Adjustable) 

  • Height adjustable Gaming Desk (60~123CM)

  • Anti-Collision System

  • Front and rear aluminium panels desktop

  • Customizable USB-powered RGB light strips

  • Desk Width Size: 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.8m

  • Cable Management Outlet

  • USB Data Port

  • 100KG Weight Capacity

  • 1 Year Warranty

Size: 1.2m

Size: 1.2m
Deliver In 7-10 Working Days


Gen3 Control Panel

3 Memory Settings, USB dock, Timer.

Our dual motor powered standing desk provides 3 memory settings for easy adjustment between different users under the same roof. Desired height can be saved and adjusted in only a few moments.

The USB port on the side provides charging power to your mobile devices. Long-time sitting reminder is also available to help reduce sedentary time to help improve physical, metabolic and even mental health.

Anti-Collision System

safeguards the desk, chair, and yourself.

Our new height adjustment system is equipped with collision sensors which will halt any rising and lowering of the desk should it detect any obstructions.

The system can be easily adjusted between 3 sensitivity settings using the Gen3 control panel.

RGB Light Strips

embedded, all ready to go.

Customizable USB powered RGB light strips located under the front and behind the rear alloy panel perfect your battle-station, extending the RGB from only gears to your back wall and floor. The compact controller provides a variety of mood, style and speed for users to choose from.


making your desk steady as a rock.

Use cardboard no more for balancing as our desks now have built-in levellers for uneven floor surfaces. A rocking table can be frustrating, and these levellers can remove all the annoyance with just a few turns.

A leveller can be found at each of the four corners at the base of the desk.

Aluminum Panels

for durability and style.

The front and rear aluminum panels nesting the RGB light strips provide excellent protection to the edges of the desk with style. They are elevated to keep objects from falling, and more importantly, having the front panel to match the thickness of our mousepad.

The rounded upper edge of the front panel enables users rest their arms upon the table comfortably without sacrificing mounting ability of accessories including steering systems and joysticks.

USB Data Port

within reach.

The table top USB hub provides 3 extension outlets for different accessories to the table top from computer, making data transfer from USBs, tables and smartphones easier, without the hassle to reach behind your CPU casing for connection.

Ultra-low profile design can help maximize usable space for table tops.

Cable Management Outlet

for a clean desktop.

Clean desks are cool. These outlets allow wires to vanish from site at a designated location making them easier to manage. The outlet in the middle is big enough for sockets to drop through.

The round outlet can be removed to serve as mounting point for accessories like the FLEXISPOT Monitor Arm which can be found in our Accessories section.

100KG Weight Capacity

supporting your gear.

The duo-motor gaming desk has a maximum weight capacity of 100kg to cater all your gear and gadgets, without sacrificing height adjustment functionality.

Cable Management Tray

The Orion Came with under-table cable management tray to cater wires needed to run seamlessly. The slide-in design for the tray made handling easier than ever.

Related Information

1-Year Warranty

The Orion Series' hardware (Aluminium Panels, RGB Strips, Levellers, Desk Leg, Control panel) are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1-Year from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended.

We would either provide To-Door warranty service or Free parts delivery with instructions, depending on the warranty service required.

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We provide free delivery service to most areas within Hong Kong, with exception to remote and restricted areas.

Shipping and delivery generally take 7 to 10 working days; but could take up to 21 working days during/right after promotional periods

For Zenox desk deliveries, there will be a $160 surcharge per floor (Five stairs) if there are stairs.

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The Orion Pro is designed to be easily assembled, an instruction manual is included in the package.

For a hassle-free option, the assembled-before-delivery service is available at $250HKD, please add it to cart before checkout, or contact us before it is delivered if you've missed it.



SKU: Z-38F12 / Z-38F15 / Z-38F18

Warranty: 1-Year

Table Top Material: Melamine Faced Chipboard

Desk Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Desk Width Size: 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.8m

Colour Options: Black


Desk Depth (D): 73cm

Desk Height (H): 62-125cm

Desk Width (W): 120-180cm

Column Stages: 3

Max Loading: 100 KG

Input Voltage: 100 - 240V

Max Speed: 38mm/s

Operating °C: 0-40°C

Net Weight: 30-46 kg

Gross Weight: 32-48 kg

Package Info

Package Size: 132-192 x 83 x 17cm

Package Content:

1 x Installation Manual

1 x Table Top

2 x Lifting Columns

1 x Control Panel

1 x Power Chord

1 x USB Adpt.

1 x Bolt pack