Keychron OEM Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set - Grey White Blue (V1/V2/Q1/Q2/K2/K2 PRO)


Dye-Sub PBT
Tech Vibe.

Made of highly durable PBT plastic and featured dye-sublimated legends, this keycap set can withstand even the toughest users. Fully compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones, it's a great fit for today's boards.

With its ultra-durable dye-sublimated legends on the PBT plastic, these keycaps will never shine or wear out with these legends that can last a lifetime. The Dye-sub PBT construction even provides superior durability and feel.

When it’s time to add a new top outfit to your mechanical keyboard, this dye-sub PBT keycap set with tech style is a great way to add some vibe to your favorite keyboard.

Apart from MacOS, for Windows and Linux users, we have also designed and made the keycaps to deliver the same dedicated typing experience. 





Material: PBT
Legend: Dye-sublimated, backlight does not shine through
Stem: MX style
Profile: OEM
Compatible keyboard: V1/V2/Q1/Q2/K2/K2 PRO

Note:  Since this keycap set is five-sided dye-sublimated, the color on the keycap sides may be slightly different than the color on the front.