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*This customized product will take about 10-15 working days*


Customize Your Own Keyboard Badge

Want to order a badge for your own keyboard that has your own exclusive design? Want to give your friends a unique customized gift? Customize a unique badge for any Keychron Q series and V series keyboards.

Material & Size

The current badge will be made of black aluminum metal and can have a customized design printed on it. It is recommended to not use a dark color pattern as it might blend into the black background color.

Your graphic on the badge will be displayed in 15 * 15 mm (0.59 * 0.59 inch).

How to Customize Your Own Badge?

1. Click "Upload Your Image" above "Add to cart" to upload the desired image (PNG or JPG file, square image, high resolution, above 400px * 400px, 5MB or less).

2. Click "Add to cart" and submit your order.

3. After submitting your order, the badge will be designed and produced within 7 working days.

4. After the badge is made, it will be sent out with your keyboard (If you did not purchase a keyboard order, it will be shipped directly after it is made).

The Badge Styles

There are two styles of badge corners: one has rounded corners and the other sharp corners.

Custom badge with rounded corners for Keychron QMK Q series keyboards

(Badges will be made in rounded corners for Keyboard Q1 Version 1.)

Custom badge with sharp corners for Keychron QMK Q series and V series keyboards

(Badges will be made in sharp corners for Keyboard Q1 Version 2 / Q3 / Q5 / Q6 / Q8 / Q9 / V series.)

Can Keychron Badges Be Installed on Your Q/V Series Keyboard? 

Check this table to see if you can install a Keychron badge on your keyboard.

How to Install the Badge ?