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 Zenox Cooperate Discount Scheme


Welcome to join Zenox's Cooperate Discount Scheme

Thank you for your company's support and attention to Zenox. In order to continue to promote and hope that more Hong Kong people can get in touch with our products, Zenox is now launching a corporate Discount Scheme to provide corporate customers with more favorable purchasing solutions.

Zenox's purchasing plan can provide you with:

  • Enjoy more additional cash discounts!
  • You can make your own patterns on the gaming chairs (depending on the order quantity)
  • Order electronically, you can enjoy a comfortable buying experience without leaving
  • Free installation and provide better service than stores


How to order:

1.Please enter the following URL to fill in and submit the form:

After the order is completed, we will review it once and contact the recipient and issue a quotation. After confirmation, we will call the recipient to notify the recipient of the delivery date and review address.

  1. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque.
  2. The delivery time is about 10-12 working days after the payment is successful. (It will be adjusted depending on the order quantity and requirements)

Discount Rate:

Zenox offers a minimum 30% discount on all gaming chairs, and the accessories for gaming chairs are as low as 50%.

Special discounts are available for Keychron Keyboard and Philips Hue as well.

P.S. If you want to purchase a product that is not shown on the form, you can also ask the staff for details.


If you have any questions or inquiries, please call (852) 6339-6551 or email to contact Mr. Evry Chu.


Zenox X Company Employee benefit Scheme


Zenox welcomes any company to negotiate with us, provide employee benefit plans, and purchase Zenox brand and agent products to employees at preferential prices.

For details, please email for contact and enquiries.