Zenox Pioneer is based at the prime location of Mong Kok. With all our chairs on display you can try them all out at your convenience. Our Feature Set-up also highlights the latest popular PC peripherals /Smart Home gadgets. 
Zenox Pioneer 始創專門店位於交通方便嘅旺角,有齊Zenox所有系列嘅凳同陳列左最新嘅電競/智能家居產品。歡迎過嚟問清楚,試清楚最適合你產品!
Address: Shop 204-205, Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong
Pioneer Phone No. 門市電話: 6563 4820
*Business Hours 營業時間*
Mon - Sun 11:30 - 20:30 星期一至日早上十一點半到晚上八點半