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We specialize in gaming chairs, desks, and sim racing rigs. We're here to design and curate the best items for your ultimate gaming setup, ensuring comfort and style in every aspect.

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Why Zenox?

Designed By Enthusiasts

As avid gamers, we prioritizes ergonomic design to provide maximum comfort and support.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery for all orders exceeding $300, regardless of their size.

Product Guarantee

Enjoy up to 5 years warranty with free repair service and parts replacements.

Save As You Spend

Earn store credit the more you spend and redeem our best selections.

Invest In Your Health.

Upgrade Your Workstation

Workers who spend long hours in front of a computer stress their bodies daily without realizing it.

By configuring a well-designed workspace with an ergonomic chair and a height-adjustable desk, you can customize and ensure a comfortable sitting positions as well as promoting a better posture.

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