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Payment Methods

What are my payment options?

Changing Orders

Can I change my order to a different color or model?

Order Cancellation

My order has been shipped. Can I change or cancel my order?

Order Status

What is the status of my order?

Shipping & Delivery


How much will shipping cost?

How will my order be delivered?

Can I choose my delivery slot?

Can I track my order?

My delivery address is an access-required property, do I need to make any special arrangements? (Condominium, Office Buildings, etc.)

I live in an apartment without direct lift access. Can my order still be delivered to my doorstep?


Do you ship internationally?

Warranty, Refund & Return

Product Warranty

What does your warranty cover?

How do I extend my warranty?

Product Refund & Return

I have received my order. Can I exchange it for a different variant or model?

What do I do if I face an issue with my purchase?

Assembly & Maintenance

Product Assembly

How do I assemble my Zenox Chair?

How do I assemble the Zenox Gaming Desk?

Can my order be assembled before delivery?

What accessories are available for Zenox Chairs?

What accessories are available for Zenox Desks?

Product Maintenance

How do I care for my Zenox Chair?